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Language error - after reader 8.1.7 patch

Registered: Nov 30 2009
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Hello @all,
after the quarterly patch of adberdrupd817_all_incr.msp i received the error "the previously selected language could not be loaded because it is out of date".
Only rdlang32.fra and rdlang32.jpn are affected.They are still version rdlang32.deu was updated with version
Any idea?


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Reader 8.1.7, Windows
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I would recomend posting a 'bug report' out on Adobe's web site regarding this.

The location, as it can be difficult to find, is:

One of the things you may want to attempt to perform is a 'clean' installation to see if it can be reproduced in a pristine manner.

Sorry I couldn't be of better help.



Douglas Hanna is a member of the Production Print Technology team at Aon.

Registered: Nov 30 2009
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Thanks Doug,
i've solved this issues with 2 additional new installations in Japanese and France. So i've got the missing language files. My sensation is adobe has changed the update procedure. Until 8.1.6 all language files in the root directory of adobe reader were updated.