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Major problem with Acrobat 8

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This all began after installing PS CS4 upgrade on PS CS2. I had to uninstall it due to downloading wrong version from Adobe store. Uninstallation was done with WIn>control panel>Add or Remove Programs. After that uninstall, Acrobat stopped responding. Uninstalling Acrobat and installing Acrobat Reader did not help, NOT RESPONDING.

Doing some research revealed that CS4 stores something to MBR sector on C-drive, which can't be cleaned using that Add or Remove Programs option. There is an dedicated app to do the cleaning but couldn't use it, it couldn't find a trace of the CS4 and was useless for that. Adobe support = no help. I had to get a new C-drive and install everything again. After that installation Acrobat was just OK.

Few days ago a client sent me a job in which I needed an special font, after an search from CD-rack couldn't find the right one CD. After a while I decided I could get it from that old C-drive's font's folder and save some time. Old C-drive to USB-dock and I had the font again.

And it was a wrong decision. Once again Acrobat is not responding, can't use it. Now I'm again using my neighbor room architect's Acrobat and I can see he is not happy although we share an HP DJ130.

Is there anybody who can solve this for me? I have no time to new C-drive/installation thing at the moment.

Thank You, Peter

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How frustrating. Since you know that Acrobat stopped responding after installing a font, I would suggestion trying the troubleshooting tip in this [url=]technical note[/url] on "Checking for font problems".

You might also try viewing the System and Application Logs to identify software conflicts as mentioned in tip number 16. This might give you more background on what is going on.

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Registered: Nov 4 2009
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OK, thank you lkassuba, I'll give it a try. Have to find few hours to sit down and just concentrate.