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Steve Cherry
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Good Morning:
Today I installed Acrobat 9 Pro on my Toshiba Laptop, Windows7 64-bit, using Adobe's Acrobat 9 Pro installation disc. I can't seem to get the program to print for me.
I use the Print function primarily to copy emails, web pages, etc that I am viewing, for future reference. In the past, when I'm viewing, say a particular web page on FireFox, or response to an email, I simply would select "Print", "Adobe PDF", push the "OK" button and a dialog box would appear showing print progress. Then, a dialog box would appear asking me where I wanted to save the file, I would normally select "Temp", and the file would be created and filed in that folder. I could then review that file and move it to another folder as I desired.
In this just-downloaded program, there is no opportunity to choose where the file will be stored after printing; it just goes off into a location called "Documents\*.PDF"
I have been unable to find that folder on my computer; I even created a folder with that name in the C: drive, and in the Adobe Program Files folder, but nothing shows up there.
I went into Printer Properties, and Documents\*.PDF is the only option shown, the Browse button offers no other choices.
I can live with these files going to a folder of the Program's choice, if that is the only option; but, if that is the only option, how in the heck do I find that folder? The "Search Programs and Files" utility has been of no use in assisting me.
What do I do now, Coach?

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First thing I would do is update to 9.2. This is the first version of Acrobat to support Windows 7. Let us know if this corrects the issue. If not, after updating try running a Repair Acrobat Installation from under the Help menu.
I'm not positive (because I don't have Windows 7) but I believe the PORT for the PDF Printer should be set to Desktop\*.PDF -- if it's similar to Vista.

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Steve Cherry
Registered: Nov 26 2009
Posts: 3
Thanks for your rapid response;
I downloaded the update and installation was refused because "the program to be upgraded may be missing, yada yada"
So, it looks like it is going to be just too hard.
Everything else works ok, and the workaround will be to load in PDF995, which I had used before, and which will print Adobe PDF the way I want it to. Small inconvenience, compared with trying to crack the Adobe "Support" or "Help" system
Thanks again for your advice.