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Problems installing Adobe freewares on Vista: Download Configuration Failed.

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My laptop is a fairly new Sony Vaio with Vista Home Premium and 64-bit operating system.
I have been trying to install Adobe Reader X. But shortly after I run the installation, an error would occur "Download Configuration Failed", always at 33%.
Here are what I have tried to no vail.
1. I have upgraded my IE and tried out Google Chrome.
2. I have tried different download links including the direct one, and tried to download different versions of Adobe Reader.
3. I have disabled my Norton antivirus.
4. I have had Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Air, but I unistalled both of them, thinking this might fix the problem. Now I couldn't reinstall Flash Player and Air because the same "download configuration failled"error occurs during installation
5. I tried out system restore, but an error occured and the laptop failed to restore.
Please help. I need it to open school documents which needed to be completed before school starts. Thanks a million in advance.

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When you use the direct download link (from Adobe's FTP site, I presume), does the file download all the way?
If not, it might be a problem with your internet connection.

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