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Runtime Error

Registered: Sep 24 2007
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I am running 8.1 on vista ultimate 64 bit.
I keep getting the error window MS Visual C++ runtime error and acrobat then shuts down? any ideas how to solve this please
Stuart. (error below)
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 46444c82
Fault Module Name: AdobeUpdater.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 4519c418
Exception Code: 40000015
Exception Offset: 000475a3
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: 1bc9
Additional Information 2: 91b5452e6e92ea7c3454350b9d87d764
Additional Information 3: 5c71
Additional Information 4: 4b27a68893caf5fbc64491cbc95e493e

My Product Information:
Acrobat Pro 8.0999999999999996447286321199499070644378662109375, Windows
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If you are installing an Acrobat upgrade (for instance, from version 7 to 8), version 7 must be installed before the upgrade will install. If this is not the case, try this.

Totally uninstall version 8.1 (check the registry to make sure it's gone).

Install version 8.1 making sure you install it as the Administrator.

Prior to this action, make sure Vista has been updated.

If you get a successful install, download all available updates from Adobe.

You could also install version 8.1 as a Windows XP program in Vista.

If none of these suggestions work, check out Acrobat installation issues for Vista in the Acrobat knowledge base.

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This is about an Acrobat 7 Professional "runtime error" message, referring to Microsoft Visual basic.

I started with Acrobat 7.0 Professional on a new Windows 7 computer. When I tried to open a pdf in Acrobat 7, it would give me the runtime error and shut down. However, if I had Acrobat 7 already running before I tried to open the file, it would work fine.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling as a different user and to a different location, but that didn't help. The I tried downloading 7.1 Now Acrobat wouldn't open at all, give the same error message. So I updated to Acrobat 7.1.3 Professional. Now I am back in the situation I described previously, which is annoying.

Any suggestions?


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Have you checked to see if Acrobat 7 supports use on any version of Vista?

[url=]How Adobe Products Support Windows Vista[/url]

[url=]Support policy for Acrobat 7 and 8 on Windows Vista[/url]

Have you added Microsoft's XP compatibility mode to your Vista system?

You might be able to run version 7 under this emulator.

George Kaiser

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I think* this took care of it. Choosing to run with XP compatibility didn't work (new problems emerged), but choosing to run with Vista compatibility did.