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Saving Forms - 3 ways?

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Hi - I have three questions about saving and I have combed through the 500 pg manual but can't seem to find what I need. It seems so simple but I can't quite figure it out!! So.....
1. If I have scanned in a document, converted it to a PDF and then a form, and I have changed all the fields to whatever I need them to be, how do I save that already modified doc so that I can go back into it later to make more changes to it? The "normal" ways of saving don't appear to work b/c I can't make changes once I go back in.
2. How do I save and then send a form (it would be the same one referenced in question 1) so that a person can fill in the fields with the requested data, but not change the main fields?
3. The doc that a person fills out (referenced in question 2)how can they save that doc so that:
a) they have a copy of it (with the fields filled in),
b) so that they can edit it again at a future date and
c) so that they have access to the "template" so they can create different versions whenever they need to?

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1. You need to pay very close attention to which program is adding the form fields to the PDF. Once a form is created with Acrobat it must be edited with Acrobat and a form created by LiveCycle Designer can only be edited with LiveCycle Designer. Keep a backup copy of the form before you apply Extended Reader Rights.

2. If the user has only Reader, then you need to apply Extended Reader Rights and they will only be able to enter the data for form fields. If the use has Acrobat and it is an Acrobat created form, you can apply password protection to prevent editing but allowing form filling and saving.

3. See 2 above.

George Kaiser