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Dynamic changing of Y-Axis of a positioned subform within a flowed form.

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Hi Good Evening.
This is my structure that I've built.
childsubform - 1(positioned)
childsubform - 2(positioned)
childsubform - 3(positioned)}
Note: all the three child subform are of different types.
For a particular case i need to move the childnode - 3 to the first position so that the structure need to appear like this.
childsubform - 3(positioned)
childsubform - 1(positioned)
childsubform - 2(positioned)}
I have tried assigning " - 3. y = "4in";(for example have mentioned this as 4 also consider previous y axis is of some "8in")(just tried, i knew this wont work)
All the naming conventions are just for example.
Could any one guide me how to resolve this?
Thanking you in Advance.


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please check this Tech Talk Tech Talk: Developing Flowable Form Content.
At the end you can download a package of very useful sample forms.
It includes a sample "Dynamic Tables" which shows how to move instances of repeating subforms (table rows).
This might be the technique you need for your form.

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First, it's a particularly bad idea to use spaces and punctuation in your field names. Especially if they'll be used in a script. Remember, they have to be parsed by the JavaScript engine.

Next, if the parent subform is flowed, then the Y property of the child subforms is meaningless. The children are laid out according to the position in the parent. I haven't seen that there is any way to change the order of objects in a subform, unless they are controlled by an instance manager, i.e., they are repeated items.

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