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Acrobat X Pro 2 install license?

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I am interested in buying Acrobat X Pro for work (currently using 9 Standard and 6 Standard).
I found a website that is offering a 2 install version of Acrobat X Pro for $274.99 (which comes out to $137.5 per install). I contacted their sales rep and asked if the 2 install meant one user could install Acrobat on 2 devices, or if 2 install meant I could install it on 2 different workstations for two different users. He said it was the latter. I also asked if the version offered was identical to the one on Amazon that costs $393.99 and is a single-user license, and he said it was.
My question to the forum is this: Has anyone ever heard of a 2 install version of Acrobat? It seems unlikely to me, and the price point only compounds the unlikeliness.

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Accepted Answer
Adobe Acrobat retail licenses are available for single users ONLY. The license permits a second install, but on a machine operated by the original licensee and not for simultaneous use (e.g. on a home laptop). Volume licensing is only available to enterprise users via the Adobe website at

**NEVER** buy Acrobat software or licenses from websites except those officially authorized by Adobe, and NEVER if the prices or package descriptions sound too cheap or don't match the specifications on - if something sounds too good to be true, you'll never see your money again.
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As Dave pointed out, only purchase licenses for Adobe products through reputable channels. Also, I would check into one of the volume licensing options. At one time (don't know if this is current or not) you could start receiving discounts on Adobe products with as few a five seats purchased.

It only requires a call to someone to discuss your current and foreseeable future needs.

Anyone have any experience in the lower-volume agreements care to chime in here, please do so. I'm under CLP/ELP.



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