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2 stage question

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Hi Thom,
You have helped me become pretty efficent when it comes to Pop-ups, so I thank you for that.
Here is my problem:
I would like to create a pop-up window that will be used as a help guide for the form. The user will click on a help button, and the pop up will come up with the information. It will be about one page long. I would like to incorporate such things as bolding certain text, as well, a print function for the user to print the contents of the help page. I would also like to be able to set the box size so all the content will fit into it.
I am currently using Designer as part of my Adobe 7.0 Pro pack to develop this form.
Any information that you could help me with, I would truly be grateful!

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Unfortunately rich text isn't currently part of the custom dialogs (popups) provided by Acrobat, so things like bold, text size, and text color cannot be done. However you can have a custom print button and other custom controls, and size the box to fit all the contents.

Have you read this article:


Also, check out AcroDialogs:


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