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Hy there,

This is my first post over here, AND my first Acrobat form project.
So, what I would like (desperatly) to achieve is this:

I need to send a pdf to a client, wich would be an estimation with 3 products, each of this product has 2 options to choose from (radio buttons). So when I send it to my client, he will (hopefuly) be able to choose an option for each of the product and have the total calulated at the end. So here is how it will be:

Insulation (PRODUCT 1)
O polystyrene insulation - 1000 €
O vetrous fiber - 1200 € <

My Product Information:
Acrobat Pro 9.0, Macintosh
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You might consider using check boxes so one could deselect one of the options in a group.

You will need to create exclusionary group for each product (give each button box the same name within the product/service group) and set the 'Export value' of the individual button or box to the value of the product or service.

You will need to write a custom JavaScript for the calculation. If you will allow for an unselected product or service, you will have to adjust your script for the 'Off' condition of the box or button.

Thom Parker has written a number of articles about using radio buttons, check boxes and custom calculation scripts you might want to review.

George Kaiser

Registered: Apr 2 2009
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Thank you for your answer!

The client has to chose one of the options, he will not be able to let none of the services blank.
That is the reason I tought that radio box would be the right solution.

Anyways, I tried giving the checkboxes the same name but they get renamed like this:

prodotto 1#1
prodotto 1#2

Is that ok?

Would you mind pointing me to an article that could use a radio button calculation to start from? I would really apreciate that.

Thank you!