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Automatically add Stamp to all pages of PDF

Registered: Dec 31 2007
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I have a 70 page document, which I need to apply the same logo "stamp" to.
How can I add it to all pages, in the same location, without hitting the stamp icon 70 times?

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Acrobat Pro 6.0.0, Windows
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Unfortunately, stamps are a kind of Annotation that are intended to be placed manually. But there are a couple of things that can be done.

Number one is to consider using a watermark. These give the same visual appearance of a stamp and Acrobat provides options for placing watermarks on all pages of a document, and watermarks can be placed with a batch process or script.

If you really need a stamp annotation, then you can write a script to copy the stamp to all pages of the document. This is actually very simple. Each annotation has a set of properties that include the page number. All the script has to do is to get a copy of the properties and change the page number to create an exact duplicate on another page.

Try this:

1. Open a PDF and add a stamp to the current page.

2. Run this code from the console window.

  // Assume that the stamp is the only// annot on the pagevar annt = this.getAnnot(this.pageNum)[0];var props = annt.getProps();for(var i=0;i lt this.numPages;i++){ = i;if(i != this.pageNum)this.addAnnot(props); }
Notice that I use "lt" inplace of the actual lessthan symbol. Be sure to fix this up before running the code.

I also haven't tested this code, so there may be errors.

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Registered: Dec 31 2007
Posts: 4

This looks like a great solution! I'm new to Acrobat and Javascript customization. I appreciate your help.
It looks like I won't be able to try this out, as I discovered that when I got back to work, I only have Acrobat 6.0 Standard.