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"Running Slide Show" capabilites

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I just started using Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Pro. I wanted to make a multi-page PDF document that, when it was opened, would roll on its own as a slide show. Is this possible?

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Hi --

Yes, it sure is possible. To choose the settings, choose File > Properties to open the File Properties dialog box. Click the Initial View tab. You'll see a variety of choices on that tab to allow you to open the file automatically and run automatically.donna.

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Registered: Aug 20 2007
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Thank you, but I think I miscommunicated exactly what I'm trying to do. After I build my multipage PDF document, save it, close it, and then reopen it, I want it to automatically open into a running slide show that I could sit back and watch without touching anything. Each slide would remain on the screen about 5 seconds or so, and then move along automatically. Is this possible for me to create a PDF that can do this? I also want to be able to send it to other people, and have the PDF flow the same way.
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From the Acrobat preferences, set the Full Screen settings to what ever you desire.

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First, you can set your page transitions using the command under Advanced --> Document Processing --> Page Transitions. Once these are set, then you can choose the File Open settings as Donna suggested so that the file always opens in Full Screen mode. Once the document opens in full screen mode, then you will see all your automatic transitions.

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