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Bookmarks on Bookmarks Panel not Working

Registered: Dec 14 2011
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I am working with Adobe 9 Pro 9.4.6 and Office 2007 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits.

Until recently, the PDFMaker plug-in created the bookmarks using Word's Heading styles. This provided the PDF files with working bookmarks on the Bookmarks Panel as well as the bookmarks on the TOC.

After I had to re-enable the PDFMaker plug-in on MS Word (it disappeared after a system crash), the created PDF files show the following problems:

1) There is an alphanumeric sequence added to the headings between the multilevel number and the heading text. These characters are in Times New Roman, 0.96 pt.

2) All the bookmarks on the Bookmarks Panel point to the Page 1 in the document.

3) The bookmarks in the TOC work as expected.

I carefully checked the Word document looking for added text in the headings. This text (in ZWAdobe font, 1 pt) is usually added by PDFMaker when it cannot complete the PDF file creation and it has to be removed with Find/Replace. However, that is not the case with these Word 2007 files.

IMPORTANT: When saving the Word file as PDF from within Word 2007, the bookmarks on the Bookmark Panel of the resulting PDF file work fine.

Is there any tweaking I should perform to make PDFMaker work as it should?

Thank you,


P.S. The pull down menu about the software I am using does not show version 9.4.6., so I chose the closest one (9.4.3).

My Product Information:
Acrobat Pro 9.4.3, Windows
Registered: Dec 14 2011
Posts: 3
Follow-up Posting.

The solution to this problem was to repair Acrobat's installation A SECOND TIME.

For some reason, the first repair did not cure the problem.

Right after the second repair, I created a PDF using the same MS Word 2007 file with no problem (all bookmarks and hyperlinks worked as expected).

A few minutes after that, Adobe notified me of two sets of updates, which I installed.

After the updates, I created another PDF with the same file, just in case. The resulting PDF file was also in good working order.

This should close this case.