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How do I insatll Adobe PDF Printer ..for Windows 7/ Adobe Reader 9

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I downloaded Adobe Reader 9 .... After installation I thought it will create the "Adobe PDF Printer"

I just got a new Windows 7 machine ... and I need the Adobe PDF Printer .. My application code looks for this virtual printer ... Any help on what else I need to install ....

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Acrobat Reader is the free reader program offered by Adobe. And there is very little Reader can do beyond read. Others need to extend commenting and forms rights for Reader to comment and save forms.

There are some programs that include a PDF Printer. Also offers a conversion to PDF. has an office suite program that can create PDFs. Microsoft include a 'Save as PDF...' menu option.

If you explain what file types you want to convert to PDFs others may be able to provide other sources for creating PDF files.

George Kaiser

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You helped me before with How do I prevent PDF from displaying after creation in Adobe Reader 9?

'Software\Adobe\Acrobat Distiller\PrinterJobControl',
'c:\myApp\myApp.exe', rdString, 'c:\temp\myPDFOutput.pdf' );

I had an XP machine then and looked like we had Adobe Acrobat 6.0 STD then ... Then I downloaded Adobe Reader 9 ... and using my Delphi App ... and a 3rd party report generator, when I selected the "Adobe Printer" .. it automatically created the PDF for me ... Then even went ahead with your help with the registry setting .. suppressed the display ... Its the same App!

Well lo and behold now I got a new machine .. Windows 7 ..... I was told Acrobat 6 STD is not compatible with Windows 7 .... so all I was trying to do was do the same thing with my Delphi App all over again. Is there a trial version of Adobe 9 Professional ... that will install the "Adobe Printer" .. for me. My report writer using this printer driver to generate a PDF document of the report automatically. My client also has "Adobe Printer" installed perhaps still on Windows XP ... so somehow I need to mimic the presence of the Adobe Printer
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In Windows 7 you'll need Acrobat 9.2 (or better) Standard, Pro, or Pro Extended if you need the Adobe Printer. It will be installed by these applications.
Acrobat Reader (any version) does not provide it.

The "[i]Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, and Microsoft Windows 7[/i]" topic on the Acrobat FAQ page discusses this.

Link: [url=]FAQ[/url]

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