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OCR renderable text error

Registered: Nov 7 2006
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My primary word processor is Microsoft Word 2003. When I convert Word files to pdf and try to OCR them I get the renderable text error. I have been working around this by converting the pdf to tif to pdf again and then doing the OCR. Is there a simpler, faster better way to overcome the renderable text OCR error when working with Word 2003 files?

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Try this:

Convert your Word document to a PDF, via PDFMaker Macro (toolbar buttons).

Launch the PDF inside of Acrobat.

Click on the binoculars (search)

Try it.

With luck, there may be enlightment.

With understanding, we can have an explanation.

When you convert a Word document to a PDF the text comes with it. The resulting PDF is not a picture of your text, but the actual text (what you typed) including the font, leading, spacing, kearning, etc. etc. This work is searchable without further processing. No OCR needed. The catalog tool (not required for this) makes the searches go faster.

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