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Problem with random spaces inside words!!

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Having just created my first pdf file (and a big one at that) I noticed that spaces had randomly appear inside of words. eg: t he qui ck bro wn f ox

The file was converted from a word document with justified text.

I have lots of links set up within the pdf doc so I do not wish to have to start all over and re-create all the links. Is there a quick fix that can get rid of these spaces.???

many many thanks

P.S. I have all the correct fonts installed

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Acrobat Pro 9.0, Windows
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I'm having the same problem. Used Word 2003 to create document. Used Acrobat Pro 9 to pdf.
It appears that Acrobat is placing full spaces where Word has added incremental spaces to Justify the text. Mine is also a large document that has lots of links.
I need help ASAP as my deadline is nearing.
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Have you gotten respones to this post? I was/am having a similar problem. I think I've remedied it by changing the 'Convert to PDF' preferences in Acrobat itself.

Have you remedied your situation? If so, can you give some details?
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Hi -

The key to the issue is the justification. The only way you'll be able to see proper strings of text is to use another paragraph layout.


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smitchell15 (not verified)
Have you tries printing/savin as .ps and running it through distiller, i think its some kind of postscript issue. I have had this problem before with InDesign. Firstly it happens printing it through our Xerox postscript printer and it also happened occasionally in exporting out as PDF. There didn't seem to be any pattern or logic in it, as if i printed it again then it would work! :-(

I know never print my files until the have been run through distiller as that corrects all the problems that i have encountered

Give it a try and see what happens :-)
smitchell15 (not verified)
Just 4t, that might not be the best option in richardrock case tho as running it through distiller will erase all links :-)
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I work for an agency that has used FrameMaker and Adobe Pro for nearly 20 years. We recently upgraded to FM9 and Pro9 and started experiencing spaces in words as well as letters on top of each other throughout documents. We never had this trouble before with earlier versions of the software. Our process is creating documents in FM9 and saving as PDF to post to our websites.

I read the response where another person stated they were having the same problem. However, they did not use FM. The expert's answer was that using justification was the problem and to make a different selection.

I do not understand how using justification is the problem. We are using Adobe products that should be compatible. We do use justification in our documents; however, it is one of many selections available in FM9. We produce technical documents and not using justification is not an option.

If justification is the problem; then that says to me that the programmers have changed something in the software that creates the problem in pdfs.

I saw an online document created by an agency in Washington state. It too had the same problem we are experiencing. It is obviously a widespread problem from the multiple postings on this site.

I am not a programmer; however, I do understand that there are times that programmers have to create "patches" to fix "bugs" in programs. Has this been discussed with the programmers?

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Do you have a link to a document that shows this behavior?
Dov Isaacs
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I strongly doubt that justification has anything to do with the problem you are experiencing and for that matter, what you are describing does not sound familiar in terms of any known FrameMaker 9 (or Acrobat 9) problems. (BTW, FrameMaker 9 and Acrobat 9 haven't been sold for over a year. How did you “recently” upgrade to them!)

Does this happen on all your systems (assuming you are using this software configuration throughout your organization)?

What is your exact OS configuration? Windows XP? Vista? Windows 7?

Any particular font or fonts with which this occurs?

- Dov

Dov Isaacs is a Principal Scientist at Adobe Systems Incorporated specializing in PDF publishing workflow, PDF print standards, prepress, and printing. He is also chair of the ISO TC130 WG2/TF2 group responsible for PDF/X standards.

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Mr Johnson and Mr Isaacs,

Thank you for replying.

I cannot give you a link to the documents we produce; however, if you go to this link:

and look through it, it shows the same problem we have. To point out just a few, look at the following pages: 3 (middle of the page below M. Michael Abramson's name), 10 (5th line of first paragraph [ser ve], the GPO Access paragraph, at the end of the 3rd line you will see the word "The" with the "e" on top of the "h," as well as line 7 of the following paragraph [ma intain, t he, wh ich, t hen, a ready], 11, 12, 14 [numbers of the Table of contents moved to the left from where they are supposed to be], 22, 42, and on 231 (letters from a 2nd column are at the end of the 1st column, if you look at the page header, you will notice that the "C" for "Chapter" is next to the page number; and there is more of the letters stacking on each other as well towards the bottom of the page).

We also have problems with parts of our graphics disappearing in the final pdf also. Our graphics department uses Adobe Illustrator CS3.

One thing we have found that we can do is pdf a single page and replace it in a pdf'd document. That fixes the problem page by page. Most of our documents are in excess of 700 pages and it would/could take some time to do this for an entire document.

When I previously told you that we recently upgraded to FM9 and Pro9, it was probably about 6 months ago. I work for the Fed gov't and it takes time after buying/upgrading software to get the software approved to put on gov't computers. Usually Acrobat will have a newer version out by the time we get the previous version. We do however have Acrobat Reader X but we don't use it very much.

We are operating on Windows 7. We use Times New Roman 12 pt for the text. Graphics use Arial.

Hopefully this helps you with the problems I was describing. Please let me know if there is any other help I can provide and/or if there is a resolution. This is a very frustrating problem and management is very unhappy this is happening. However, they do know that we are working with you to rectify the problem.


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I see what you mean. Hopefully Dov will also as he is infinitely more qualified to analyze the problem.
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Thank you sir. I am strongly hoping that someone will be able to figure this out very soon.

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Mr Isaacs,

I just wanted to know if there has been any possible answers as to the problem I reported. It has been a couple of weeks since I've heard anything.

Thank You--