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4 pages per sheet

Registered: Aug 28 2007
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I have a home made design. It is on MS Word. It is a postcard. It has a front and back.

I would like, in order to save paper, make is so that I can make the PDF as having 4 up per sheet for front and back.

The native document is formatted as 4x5 in card format. I PDF-ed the document.

Is there a way to make if 4 up in PDF format via Adobe Acrobat 8 professional?

I did n-up in print box, but it only placed the front and back side by side. This is not what I want.

Please, any suggestions would be very helpful.

Registered: Sep 24 2005
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You can achieve this by effectively fooling Acrobat.

Just go to the PAGES panel on the left hand side to display the page thumbnails and then select the first page and holding the control key down, drag to the right This will now duplicate the pages - perform the same task so you have x 4 of page 1 and x 4 of page 2.

Now use the MULTIPLE PAGES PER SHEET option in the PRINT menu and you're done ;-)

Hope this helps,


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