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"print directly to printer" setting will not stay checked

Registered: Dec 6 2011
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I have win 7 and adobe prof 8, and yes I know that 8 is not compatible, but it had been working until just the other day. We have quite a few pcs that use the prof 8 version and now every one gets the error that says you need to changed the advance tab to 'print directly to the printer', which I do, but its as if I didn't because I still get the error and then the setting which I just changed reverts back to the default setting it was before.
Has anyone found a way around this

My Product Information:
Acrobat Pro 8.1.7, Windows
Registered: Dec 6 2011
Posts: 2
oh yes, I have done all updates am up to 8.1.7, done a repair (rebooted numerous times), nothing I have been able to figure will fix this.
I was hoping there is a registry hack that will make it stick. I even tried
\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Print\Printers\Adobe PDF\DsSpooler
change the string with value

printSpooling = "PrintAfterSpooled"

printSpooling = "PrintDirect".

and this sticks in the registry but does not help the problem