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Printing a pdf

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I have sent a pdf, which is in English and Chinese, to a couple of different printers. When they open the file the Chinese font is not there. I've checked the file and it says the Chinese font is embedded. Is there anyway to fix this so they can read it and print it?
Thanks, Jacquie

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There shouldn't be anything for you to do. If the fonts are embedded, and they are using a recent version of Acrobat, then the fonts should appear and print.

1st. Have your printer contact tech support at Adobe. If they are not members, they should consider joining the Adobe Solutions Network Print Service Provider's Program. They will get help from Adobe on these types of issues more effectively through this program.


2nd, send me the PDF file: [url=mailto:timothyp [at] adobe [dot] com.]timothyp [at] adobe [dot] com.[/url] I'll open it on my Mac and Windows workstations to see if I can at least get the fonts to display.Tim

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