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Trouble Printing Visio Charts in Access Reports

Registered: Aug 23 2007
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I have a series of Visio charts that have been copied and pasted into MS Access. Wen I try to then print them from an Access report to a PDF file, background shadows appear. For example, around a flowchart decision box (a diamond), there is a dark blue rectangle that appears in the PDF version.
Note that if I print directly to PDF from Visio, there is no issue. Further, if I print from the MS Access report to a regular printer, I have no problem.
What am I doing wrong?

My Product Information:
Acrobat Standard 7.0.9, Windows
Registered: Jul 26 2007
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try lowering the print quality setting i nthe pdf printer:

- go to start>setting>printers
- right-click the adobe pdf printer and choose printing prefs.
- select the layout tab and click on advanced
- for print quality try both 600 and 300 dpi.

Go to visio/access and try printing to the adobe pdf printer again

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