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A way to preview Crop marks on all pages of a PDF in Acrobat 9 ?

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Hi everyone,

Since Acrobat 9, you can no longer preview the Crop marks in all pages of a PDF document like you could in Acrobat 5. Indeed, in Acrobat 5, when you used the Crop Tool, you could scroll the pages behind the Crop Tool Dialog to see what the Crop marks looked like on all the pages. But since version 6, it seems that Adobe abandoned this functionality. In version 6 to 9, you can only preview the Crop marks on the active page instead of all the pages. Is someone knows a way to get this "scroll preview" option back, maybe through a plug-in or JavaScript.

Thank you for your help !

Paul B.

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Hi Paul,

OK - so you have a cropped PDF to the trim of the job and you want to see what you've now cropped out manually via the crop pages command?

You might want to access 'Crop Pages' and then either display the page boxes (crop, trim etc) or use the 'Set to Zero' command to de-crop on a temporary basis.

Does this fit into your requirement?

Kindest regards,


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Registered: Apr 29 2010
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Hi Jon, thanks for your prompt answer.

In fact, I just want to be able to preview the crop marks (when you click on "Document" and choose "Crop Pages" or Shift+Ctrl+T) before actually cropping all the pages of my documents. When the crop tool dialog box is showing, you can see behind it the crop marks that look like guides. In Acrobat 5, you could scroll the pages even with the crop tool box showing in front of your pages. This way, you could see the crop marks or "guides" on all the pages. But, in version 9, when the crop box is showing, you can only see the crop marks on the page(s) you're working on. You can't scroll behind the box to see what the others pages look like with the crop marks. I've uploaded print screens to make myself a bit more clear (Acrobat 5 vs Acrobat 9) :

Thanks for your help.

Paul B.