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Apply Signature Rights for Adobe Reader User

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I'm using Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard. I'm attempting to create a signature form field to distribute to receipients viewing a .pdf in Adobe Reader. The receipient would fill out the form fields and e-sign the .pdf. I can't get Adobe Reader to allow signatures. I've attempted to go into the Advanced folder of Acrobat 9 and look for something on Reader rights, but all I've got is "Extend Forms Fill-in & Save in Adobe Reader". I've attempted to complete this and still cannot sign the doc in Adobe Reader. HELP!



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You need to use LiveCycle ES server for that.

George Kaiser

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Sir - thank you very much for your reply, but I hope I'm making myself clear in my question because none of the Adobe Help articles address a need or anything concerning the LiveCycle ES server. The following webpage:

states that I simply turn on "Extend Features in Adobe Reader" through the Advanced tab and mentions nothing about the LiveCycle ES server. I'm wondering if there's a setting on Adobe Reader, or if they need to have their signature created prior to Reader allowing the signature feature? Kinda shooting in the dark a bit... Under document properties / security / and under the Document Restrictions Summary it lists Signing as "Not Allowed".

If you would, please review my post and the article and confirm your response. Again, appreciate all anyone can do to help me out.

Thanks again.

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Hi oceans610,

Not having Acrobat 9 Standard, I cannot speak to its ability to place a digital signature field.
However, with either Acrobat 8 Pro/3D or Acrobat 9 Pro/Extended one can insert a digital signature field onto a PDF.

Using Acrobat 9 Professional/Extended to insert a signature field (to hold the digital ID):

Open a PDF file.
Select : Forms > Add or Edit Fields
If the PDF has no form fields the Add or Edit Form Fields dialog opens.
Unless needed, just click the No button.

You enter the Form Editing view.
On the tool bar (upper left region), select "Add New Field" to view the drop-down menu.
Select "Digital Signature".
Place the signature field to the desired location.

You now have a signature field in place. The default Field Name starts with "Signature1" and increments up as more are added.
Look over the displayed property box. In the displayed view you can make the field required and can change the field name.
Clicking on "Show All Properties" to access the Digital Signature Properties dialog window's tabs (General, Appearance, Actions, Signed).

Complete all edits, adjustments, tweaks, and buff-ups followed by a Save As prior to enable of the PDF for Adobe Reader.
(Selection of: Advanced > Extend Features in Adobe Reader)When you select "Extend ..." you will be presented with the "Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader" dialog.
Read the dialog's content. Do note the "Note" that identifies restrictions that will be present post 'Extend' and Save.
You may find in helpful to read through the information available in the Acrobat Help.

Now, all that is needed is for the target users to create their Adobe self-sign IDs, export the certificate exchange file, send certificate exchange file(s) to one another, park same and bring them into Acrobat's Trust Manager.
If the Identity category in Preferences is populated this information can be incorporated into the digital ID.
Play with the digital ID "appearence" feature (in the Security category of Preferences).

PDFs, with digital signature fields, that have been enabled (Acrobat 8) or extended (Acrobat 9) have work with no problems when I use either Adobe Reader 8 or 9 (both fully updated to most current dot version).

Be well...

Be well...

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Hello Daka630

How do I change the date properties in the signature. I require this format to be displayed when Approving drawing for reless on our SAP system. dd-mmm-yyyy h :MM tt,

Thank you for your notes above. not finding this easy to set up.

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