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Locking a PDF Document

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How do I lock a PDF document so that anyone can read it, but nobody but me can edit it?
I am using Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0 on a Windows XP platform.

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Acrobat Pro 7.0.9, Windows
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Hi pearlnc,

Go to the menu option Document->Security->Secure This Document, select Restrict Opening and Editing Using Password. Under the "Permissions" section in the dialog that appears, check the box titled "Restrict editing and printing of the document. A password will be required to change these permissions settings." Make sure to select what options you want available in the Printing Allowed and Changes Allowed pulldowns, choose a password and click OK. Follow the rest of the instructions given in the following dialogs. NOTE: One of the dialogs you will see explains that not all third party PDF viewers will respect this password security, so this is not a fool proof security system. Of course, any Adobe product including the free Adobe Reader respect these security settings.
If you need more details all of this information is available in the Help file under Help->Complete Acrobat 7 Help.Hope that helps,

WindJack Solutions
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Hello .

Thanks Dimitri.

1. I was wondering if there is any way to lock a part of the PDF document. i mean, can i lock a page ( so that no one can read it ) in my document of multiple pages.

If yes, what is the way to do so.

2. Can i lock an object ( say image/table ) in a PDF document , so that no one can view the element , except the ones whi have a password to it.

Let me know of the above possibilities. I am using Acrobat 8 /9/ 9 Extended

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If you want to blot out part of a document so no one can read it, use the Redaction tools. This changes the document so that information is removed and the removal applies to all readers of the document.

If you want specific parts of the content to be viewable selectively, you can use the optional content (aka Layers) capabilities of PDF. But this is not tied into security features so that you can't (for example) preclude someone from accessing part of the content unless they have a particular identity or password.

Standard PDF doesn't provide for partical document encryption or fine grained access control. There may be some vendors that provide a custom solution for this, but I can't point you to anyone offhand.
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I am using Acrobat 9 Standard and would like to know how to restrict any editing in form fields but allow me as the indvidual who created the form make changes. I created a form from an Excel file this will be a main form that users using Reader type in info and send out to customers.
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It there a way to lock a portfolio so that it can not be emailed, saved to a different location, or changed.'

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Maybe with Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Be well...

Jen D
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I'm using Adobe 9 professional with Windows XP.

I'm trying to make it so that an employee can digitally sign the document and then send it to a cusomter. I want the customer to have all the normal permissions (open, print, save, combine) but I wan't the act of altering the document to remove my companies certification.

Essentially I want the PDF always show our signature, but only show the blue ribbon certification if it has not been altered.
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Of course, it is extremely simple to defeat the password protection on an Acrobat pdf document. All you have to do is place it in inDesign, export it as a pdf, and the password protection no longer exists. Open the resulting pdf in Illustrator, and you can then select and copy any element, edit text, etc.
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This can't be done. You can send a flattened version of the file to the other users and keep the original version for yourself, though.

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Peter Manning
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I am building 3d models out of card, i save my designs as a pdf file. I want to start selling them online. So my question is can i block a PDF file so that it can not be downloaded until you pay for it. If so is this done through an adobe program or through the web page design. If an Adobe program which one. I know i can stop it being printed or edited. But once the customer has payed for my design they will need to be able to print it out.
Can someone help me here please.