Favorite 2015 staff picks

Favorite 2015 PDF tips: Staff picks

We asked our team to pick their favorite go-to tips for 2015. If you're looking for a way to do more with Acrobat, here are five ways Acrobat can help make your job easier every day.


Use Tools Search to find tools fast

Take the work out of finding a new tool with the Tools Search feature in Acrobat DC.
Why this is cool: "I love this feature because any tool is at my fingertips in seconds."
— Lori Kassuba


Customize text in a PDF comment

Discover the many ways you can customize text that appears in your PDF comments.
Why this is cool: "Being a visual person, I love being able to personalize my PDF comments by changing the font or even the color."
— Kim Converse


Build a button to create a new page

Learn how to build a button for a fillable PDF form that automatically spawns a new page.
Why this is cool: "I love the concept behind this tutorial. There are so many possible applications when designing interactive PDF forms."
— Donna Baker


Combine files to create a PDF Portfolio

Learn how to combine multiple files and arrange them in one compact PDF Portfolio.
Why this is cool: "The new portfolio feature is easy to use, easy to navigate and supports a completely new feature that I love—web content!"
— Chris Converse


Convert existing forms to fillable PDFs

Quickly turn a scanned paper form or simple form made in Word, Excel or another application into a fillable PDF form.
Why this is cool: "I don't convert a lot of forms, but when I do, this tip is a great reference tool."
— Patty Friesen