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Adding headers/footers to your PDF documents in Acrobat 9

By July 22, 2008


In this tutorial, learn how to add a header and a footer to your PDF documents so you can bring the project together into a more complete, cohesive document.

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12, 2012-11-06 06, 2012

Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up hitting the Tab key a few times and that presumably moved the cursor to the OK button even though I was unable to ever actually see that button. Bottom line, it worked.


Lori Kassuba

10, 2012-11-06 06, 2012

Hi Don,

You might try to adjust your screen resolution to help display those large dialogs. You can also try using the keyboard combination Alt + o to select the OK button in the Header/Footer dialog.



4, 2012-10-30 30, 2012

I am able to get to the Header and Footer template and create the template I want. However, I am unable to apply the template to my document because I am unable to get to the OK button at the bottom of the template. The OK button is just off the bottom of my screen and I simply cannot figure out how to get to it. The template does not fit completely on my screen and I cannot get it to scroll down for me to get toi the OK button. Any ideas?

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