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Adding interactivity to PDF files using Acrobat X

Learn how to add bookmarks, links, and buttons for interactivity to your PDF in Acrobat X.

By Andy Hunsucker – October 10, 2010


In this tutorial, learn how to add bookmarks, links, and buttons for interactivity to your PDF in Acrobat X.

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Adding interactivity to PDF files using Acrobat X

Andy Hunsucker – October 10, 2010

Hello and welcome to today's tutorial.My name is Andy and I will be walking you through the material today.

Today we're going to look at how to add some interactivity to your PDF.And we're going to focus on bookmarks, links and buttons to do this.

What you can see here is a PDF with a Meridien Conference Attendee Guide.

Let's scroll through this, and you can see there are some different bits of information that people might be interested in.We're going to start with Bookmarks.

And in the new Acrobat X interface, we want to focus on the Content panel, and that is under the Tools pane here, so I'm going to click the Tools pane.

And then we have the Pages panel, which has a number of familiar tools, but I'm going to go down to the content panel.And you can see some information here.

So right here at the top, I have the add bookmark button.

Now what does that do?

If I click that button, you'll see the Bookmarks pane opens on the left side of the screen, and there is now a new bookmark listed there.

If I click that twice, I can rename it, so I'll just name that Title Page.And now whenever I click on that bookmark, it will take me to this page.

Let me scroll down to the next page, and if I add another bookmark, you can see that if this bookmark panel is open, it gives me the option to name it as I'm going along.

So then I can type that in.If I move to a different page, and click on say the Title page, it takes me back to the Title page.

This also works with views, so if I want to zoom in on something specific so let's see if we can find the schedule.

Let's say I wanted to zoom in a little here and add a bookmark.I can click away and click back, and you can see I'm zoomed in on that level.

I'm going to remove that bookmark, and I can just hit Delete to do that.I'm going to click the Welcome page icon again.

So let's scroll down a little bit and talk about Links.

Links allow us to add a link to either a separate webpage or another part of the document.

So let me click the link tool here, and I do this by pressing and dragging around the object I want to be clickable.

So I can press and drag around this.

And it gives me some information.

I can make this visible or invisible.

I'll make it invisible.

And what do I want to happen when someone clicks it?

I'll have it outline.

And I can have it open a web page, but today I'm just going to have it go to a page view.

And now, I have to find the page I want to move to.

So I want it to move to right here, where there's information about wireless internet access.

So I will click Set link there.

And now if somebody clicks on that, then it will move to that particular page.

So if I click the hand tool here, I can view this as the end user would be viewing it, and if I click that, it will take me to that individual page.The last thing I want to show you is how to add a button.So let me go to the schedule here, and if I click the button icon, I can press and drag an option here, so I'll just place a button here, and I will name this Schedule Button.And I'll double-click the button and get some information about it.I can change the appearance, and I can actually change the fill color, so it doesn't have any color at all.

And in the Options field here, we have access to the Label field, which the end user will actually be able to see, that's what will be printed on the button.

So I'll type Print Schedule, because that's what I want people to be able to do when they click this button.

And then, I will click the Actions tab, and have it execute a menu item.You can see there's a lot of different things we can have this button do, but I'll just have it execute a menu item.

I'll click add, and I'll have it print, and then click OK.And then click close, and when I click my hand tool, you can see that the print schedule button appears.

I can click that, and then the print options appear.You'll also notice there's a multi-media button here - that will be covered in another video, but that is all for today.

I hope this has been informative, and thank you for watching.

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