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Checking and removing security from PDF files using Acrobat 9

Learn how to check the security of a PDF file and how to remove security from a PDF file.

By Rick Borstein – May 7, 2009


If you've ever asked yourself 'why can't I print this PDF' or 'why can't I copy text from this PDF,' then you want to watch this video. In this demonstration, Rick Borstein, Adobe business development manager for Legal and Life Science, shows you how to check the security of a PDF and how to remove security from a PDF file.

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Acrobat 9

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Lori Kassuba

11, 2013-07-11 11, 2013

Hi Brent,

It may be that the file is a PDF/A file. If this is the case, in Acrobat XI you will see a message bar asking if you want to edit the file. In earlier versions, look for the following setting under Edit > Preferences > Documents category “View documents in PDF/A mode” Never.



9, 2013-07-09 09, 2013

what if there is no password and you still cant edit or change the document.  The no security button is grayed out.

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