Creating a document template with Adobe Sign

Learn how to create a reusable document template that you can quickly access from your library, and send again and again.

By Adobe – May 12, 2015


In this tutorial, learn how to create a reusable document template using Adobe Sign, complete with form fields, that you can quickly access from your library, and send again and again. You can also grant other users access to templates you create, so they can also use them. The greatest advantage to templates is having fast access to documents that you frequently send for e-signature. Sign up for a free 30-day Adobe Sign trial.

Quick Steps

  1. From your home screen, click Add template to library.
  2. Add a name for your template under Template Name and then click Browse and find a document that you want to base your template on. Then click Open.
  3. Under Template Options, make sure the field Create as reusable document is checked and then Grant permissions. If you choose to share the template with other users, they will only be able to send it; they won't be able to edit or delete it.
  4. When finished granting permissions, click Preview or add fields.
  5. Now you're in the drag and drop altering environment and here you can add the fields you need. Just click on the fields you want to add and drag them to the document. You can add a date field, signature fields and signer info fields. When finished, click Save.
  6. The document is now saved to the library. When you want to use a template, you can access it from the home tab by clicking Dashboard > Send from library or you can also access and use the template from the Send tab when creating a transaction by clicking Document Library, which opens the library, and then choosing the template and clicking Attach.

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Ricky Carroll

10, 2015-07-02 02, 2015

I want to have more than one stand alone document in a template so that when one document is updated I can replace only one document rather than needing to break out the updated document, replace it, and recompile the single pdf. I cannot figure out how to add more than one document to a template. is this possible?

Comments for this tutorial are now closed.