Creating PDF files using the Adobe PDF printer in Acrobat XI

Learn how to create PDF files using the built-in Adobe PDF Printer in Acrobat XI.

By October 24, 2013


In this tutorial, learn how to create PDF files using the built-in Adobe PDF Printer in Acrobat XI.

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Acrobat XI

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1 comment

Lori Kassuba

2, 2015-02-16 16, 2015

Hi Lucien,

There is a known issue where you’ll see this message when Acrobat XI is installed to coexist with X. See this technical article for details:



9, 2015-02-14 14, 2015

je ne peux pas créer un pdf avec Arobat XI : je reçois le message “impossible de trouver les fichiers ressource adobe.pdf” puis standard.jobopions” contactez l’administrateur système. Or je suis administrateur pour mon ordinateur. Solution ?

I can not create a PDF with Arobat XI: I get the message “Unable to find Adobe.pdf resource files ” and standard.jobopions ” contact your system administrator Now I am administrator for my computer Solution . . ?

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