How to export PDF comments to Microsoft Word using Acrobat XI

Learn how to convert PDF to Word and export PDF comments to Word for fast review and integration.

By September 7, 2012


In this tutorial, learn how to convert PDF to Word and export PDF comments to Word for fast review and integration.
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How to export PDF comments to Microsoft Word using Acrobat XI

Patti SokolSeptember 7, 2012

You've converted a Word document to PDF and sent it for review. Your colleagues have submitted their comments. Do you have to manually apply those suggested edits to the original Word document? No! Acrobat XI can help. Here is a document that has comments on it. In my comment pane, I am going to go to the options menu, and select export to Word. I only want to export the comments that I have checked. And I am going to turn on track changes so that I can see where the changes take place in the Word document. The Word document opens up automatically and it even prompts me to integrate the text edits. Here is a suggestion to delete a word. I will go ahead and apply that deletion. And with a single click I will apply all remaining text edits. Because I had track changes on I can see where Acrobat made the changes for me in the Word document. With Acrobat XI you can quickly apply review changes to your Word documents without the hassle of doing it manually.

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3 days ago

hi,how can i convert pdf to word

Lori Kassuba

1 month ago

Hi Elaine,

The URL won’t be in the downloaded PDF. Instead, you need to right-click on the PDF in your browser to locate the URL.



1 month ago

How can I see the URL of a downloaded pdf?

Lori Kassuba

6, 2014-10-08 08, 2014

Hi Milo,

You need Acrobat and not just the free Reader to export PDF comments back to Word.



7, 2014-10-04 04, 2014

I have Adobe Reader 11.0.09 but I don’t have option for exporting comments to Word at all (even not with gray colour). Do you have an idea how to enable it?

Thanks a lot

Lori Kassuba

10, 2014-07-23 23, 2014

Thanks Kelly Fraga. You can also find more articles about Acrobat at:


Kelly Fraga

1, 2014-07-22 22, 2014

Wow, great to know!  I’m going to spend more time on these blogs one way or another!  It’s well worth the time spent, thank you.

Lori Kassuba

9, 2014-05-23 23, 2014

Hi jessica,

What you can do is filter the highlight comments out before creating the comment summary. Then in the Comment Summary dialog be sure to select “Only the comments currently showing”.



1, 2014-05-20 20, 2014

Hi, what if i want to export the comments only (not highlights) to a new clean word file. The tutorial talks about exporting comments to an existing word file, but I just want to send them to a new file.
There’s an option of “Create comment summary” but it creates it in pdf and includes other editions such as highligths, I just want to export comments. Can I do that?


9, 2013-01-19 19, 2013

Do the reviewers have to have Acrobat XI Pro also or just reader?

Hi amiller,

The reviewers only need Reader XI to provide you with comments. Here is another tutorial on the subject that explains in more detail:


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