How do I add interactivity to my 3D objects?

Learn how to create a button with JavaScript that can show/hide an embedded 3D object.

By October 24, 2006


Download and view the Basic JavaScript Interaction tutorial/example [PDF: 122 KB] . This script shows how you can click a button on the page to affect the transparency of an embedded 3D object. It also shows how you can select a 3D object and have that information reflected back to the PDF text page.

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1, 2012-06-21 21, 2012

The JavaScript attached in this example is not complete.Could you help me and send me the JavaScript. Thanks .

Hi Scarr,

The best way to get this question answered is to write Thom Parker. Just copy and paste the below URL, and you can ask Thom a question directly. Be sure and reference the name or URL of the 3D tutorial.

Hope this helps,


Comments for this tutorial are now closed.