How to add page numbers at the bottom of PDF files using Acrobat X or XI

Learn how to edit a PDF by adding page numbers or inserting page numbers into PDF files.

By March 26, 2012


In this tutorial, learn how to edit PDF by adding page numbers to PDF files using Acrobat X or XI, including how to choose fonts, change the font size, align text with a graphic and more.

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How to add page numbers at the bottom of PDF files using Acrobat X or XI

Donna BakerMarch 26, 2012

To get started, in the Pages tools, click Header & Footer to open the drop-down menu, then click Add Header & Footer.

The Add Header and Footer dialog box opens. In the Preview at the bottom, Page 1 shows by default. You see the cover page’s top edge and bottom edge. Click the arrows to change the preview page. This preview shows a text page.

Now, pick a format and starting page number. Click Page Number and Date Format to open the Page Number and Date Format dialog box. Click the Page Number Format arrow and choose Page 1.Click the Start Page arrow to set the start page number at Page 3. Click OK.

We’re ready to add the footer. Click the Right Footer Text field to activate it, then click Insert Page Number. You see the formatted field and the page number shown in the preview. To pick a different font, click the Name drop-down arrow and select a new font. The text looks too small now, so click the Size drop-down arrow and pick a larger font size.

The size is fine now, but would look better if the text lined up with the graphic. To fix the bottom margin, click the Bottom margin’s Up arrow to line up the graphic and text perfectly.

We don't want the page number to show on the cover or table of contents. Click the Page Range Options link to open the Page Range Options dialog box. Click the Pages from radio button, then click the Up arrow twice so the page numbers will show starting at Page 3. Click OK to see the finished page numbers.

It's easy to change the page number settings, too. Click Header & Footer > Update. You'll see the Update Header & Footer dialog box opens. It has the same tools and options as you used for adding a new header or footer. Make the changes you like, and click OK.

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