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How to edit objects on a page using Acrobat X

Learn how to edit PDF images using Acrobat X Pro or Suite.

By March 26, 2012


In this tutorial, learn how to edit PDF images, including how to edit blocks of text, graphics, images, comments and links using Acrobat X Pro or Suite.

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How to edit objects on a page using Acrobat X

Donna BakerMarch 26, 2012

You work with many types of objects in Acrobat X: blocks of text, graphics and images, comments, and links. The big question is: Which tool do I use for which object?

Here’s a simple guideline. Objects like comments and links overlay the document. Use the object’s specific tools to select and make custom changes, such as changing the link’s color or changing the comment’s text.

In this example, you see text, graphics, buttons, and links. Click Select Object. Click and drag a frame around all the objects. When you release the mouse, only the overlaid buttons and links are selected. Right-click over one of the selected objects to open a menu with common layout and edit tools.

Now let’s check out the other objects. Click Edit Object then click and drag a frame around all the objects. When you release the mouse, only the page’s text and graphics are selected. We’ll spend some time using this tool, so right-click Edit Object and click Add to Quick Tools. Click Tools to close the pane.

Now let’s try out the Edit Object tool on the page’s graphic. Right-click the graphic with the Edit Object tool to open the shortcut menu and click Place Image. Locate and select the replacement image file and resize and reposition the image.

Let’s get rid of the ‘tail’ at the left end of the graphic. To crop the image, right-click to open the shortcut menu and click Set Clip. Move the Crop cursor over a corner and drag the frame as desired. Deselect the frame and the crop is finished.

To change the image’s orientation, right-click with the Edit Object tool to open the shortcut menu and pick one of the Flip or Rotate commands.

But what if you want to edit the image itself? Right-click with the Select Object tool again and click Edit Image to open the Image Editor (set your editor in the TouchUp Preferences). The graphic opens in your editor automatically. Make the edits as you like, then click the Tab Close Box button. Click Yes to save the changes and return to Acrobat. Be sure to save your updated PDF file!

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donna baker

11, 2012-07-09 09, 2012

Hi Randy -

Acrobat is the program you need to make changes in your presentation slides. Use the TouchUp Text tool to select text to change; use the TouchUp Object tool to select images and graphics to change.


donna baker

11, 2012-07-09 09, 2012

Hi William -

Whether or not you can make typo corrections depends on whether the document contains editable text. If it does, then you can select text using the TouchUp Text tool and correct the typo. If not, you need to apply the Recognize Text command.


Randy Peterson

5, 2012-07-01 01, 2012

I can save PowerPoint files on my computer as a PDF, but cannot make changes in the PDF files. What software does Adobe have that will let me do this?

donna baker

5, 2012-05-22 22, 2012

Hi Marko -

Thanks for posting. Acrobat X is a terrific program, and if you’re happy, I’m happy ;)


donna baker

5, 2012-05-22 22, 2012

Hi William -

It depends on the drawing. If it’s text overlaying the drawing you should be able to select it and change it using the Edit Text Tool. On the other hand, if the text is part of the larger drawing and not selectable text, you’d have to go back to the source program to make the changes.

Look through the list of tutorials to find more information about selecting and editing text, determining whether a PDF file is a scan or selectable text, and so on.


MarKo Hubert

6, 2012-04-15 15, 2012

My God! I knew that I would enjoy learning about this software but I’m positively happy.

William E. Wilson

11, 2012-03-29 29, 2012

I sometimes recieve drawings in a PDF format that need typo’s corrected. Can I do that with this program?

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