How do I print only the form field data?

By July 23, 2006


Is there a way to print only the form field data without printing the PDF form itself? For example, is it possible to keep the field data in the same place on the page to print out on a pre-printed form?

When you select File > Print in Acrobat, you will need to indicate under Comments & Forms: Form fields only. See Figure 1 below.

Figure 1: Print dialog box.

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Lori Kassuba

1 month ago

Hi Daniel Moreno,

You’ll need Acrobat Std. or Pro. and not just the free Reader.


Daniel Moreno

1 month ago

Which adobe acrobat do I need to have this option, is the Professional?

Lori Kassuba

12, 2014-09-12 12, 2014

Hi Patricia,

There isn’t a setting for this in Reader. You might consider making the background non-printable for these situations. Like on a layer or watermark.



12, 2014-09-10 10, 2014

I can print the fields only in a form created from Acrobat Pro. But if I send the file to someone who just has Acrobat Reader, they don’t have the choice of fields only when they print. Makes it useless for us. Is there a way to change that?


9, 2012-10-28 28, 2012

thank u so much…


1, 2012-08-24 24, 2012

I have selected form fields only in adobe acrobat x pro, but when i open document in adobe acrobat 9 and try to print in Comments and Forms i only have (Document, Document and Markups, Document and Stamps) but no Form fields only.

Hi - try using the Document and Markups selection.

Lori K.

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