How do I set my PDFs to open in Acrobat 8 instead of Reader?

By January 23, 2007


Is it possible for all PDF e-mail attachments to be opened by Acrobat instead of Adobe Reader?

Yes, you can configure your computer to open PDFs in Acrobat instead of Reader if both these programs are installed on your Windows computer. Simply go to any folder and select Tools > Folder Options from the menu bar. From the Folder Options dialog, select the File Types tab. Go to PDF - where it says “opens with,” change it from Reader to Acrobat.

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Lori Kassuba

7, 2015-12-02 02, 2015

Hi Margherita,

Unfortunately Acrobat 8 doesn’t have a Default PDF Handler preference. This was introduced in version X to resolve interoperability issues.
You may find it easy to uninstall Reader if you’re unable to set it under Default programs.



6, 2015-11-25 25, 2015

The IT guys just installed Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on my pc and I also have Adobe Acrobat 8.1, and have tried the above-mentioned solution, but it doesn’t work :(. I also tried Control Panel under Programs and Default Programs, when you go into ‘Make a file type open in a specific program’ when you select Acrobat 8.1, then it just jumps back to Reader DC automatically. It is VERY IRRITATING!

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