How do I set the size of a page with a link?

By Adobe – June 23, 2006


Is there a way to set the size that a page will be when accessed by a hyperlink in the document?

To do this, you need to create the link with the Link Tool in Acrobat (Standard or Professional). Draw a link rectangle around the word or phrase to be made into the link, then select "Go to a Page View" in the Create Link dialogue. Set the destination page exactly the way you want and then click the "Set Link" button. Same is true for the Index Page link - use the Link tool to create the link and choose "Go to a Page View." Then navigate to the Index Page, set the zoom to "Fit Width" and click "Set Link." Save (or Save As) the file to assign the new view attribute.

Figure 1: The Create Link dialog box.


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Comments for this tutorial are now closed.