How to add a reset button to PDF forms using Acrobat X or XI

Learn how to add a reset button to your fillable PDF forms to help users clear specific PDF form fields.

By December 13, 2011


If you have Acrobat X or XI, you can add a reset button to fillable PDF forms to help users clear specific PDF form fields.

  • To begin, enter Form Edit mode by opening up the Tools pane, Forms panel, and selecting the Edit command.
  • Under the Tasks panel in the Forms Edit mode, click the Add New Field drop down and select Button.
  • Place the Button form field on your form and click the All Properties link. This will bring up the Button Properties dialog.
  • Click the Actions tab and choose Reset a form in the Select Action drop down menu.
  • Next, check the fields you want to reset in the Reset a Form dialog.
  • In the Options tab, type a text label for your field such as Reset.
  • And then click the General Tab of the Button Properties and select Visible but doesn’t print from the Form Field common properties. This will allow you to display the reset button but it won’t appear when the form is printed out.
  • When you are finished, click the Preview button, enter some data into your form, and then test the new Reset button.

The best time to add a Reset button to your PDF form is when you finish your form design and there are no more form fields to add. This way you won’t forget to reset, or not reset, certain fields.

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