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How to combine PDF files using Reader

Learn how to combine PDF or merge PDF files into a single PDF file using the free Reader.

By Donna Baker – May 10, 2013


In this tutorial, learn how to combine PDF or merge PDF into a single PDF file using Reader. This feature requires a subscription to the Adobe PDF Pack online service.

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Acrobat Reader

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Lori Kassuba

6, 2015-12-07 07, 2015

Hi M.L.Holliday,

Sorry to hear about your difficulties. PDF Suite 2015 isn’t an Adobe product. You’ll want to contact the manufacturer of this product for the assistance you need.



3, 2015-12-03 03, 2015

I am trying to combine word documents comprising of a multiple number of files.I have followed all the steps but I get a message unable to combine files- what is wrong or what am I doing wrong. The single document has to be in the form of a manual. I use the PDF Suite 2015.
Please advise.

Lori Kassuba

4, 2015-01-21 21, 2015

Hi Dominic,

You can also use the desktop version of Acrobat to combine files.



3, 2015-01-20 20, 2015

Anyone know a solution for doing this without an online tool? We are not permitted to share information with third parties.  Uploading them to any company but particularly a US company is highly problematic for us. Even one of our US clients have specifically prohibited us from sharing their data with cloud or other online services organised by third parties. (Although we are allowed to use their own global VPN and cloud).


1, 2014-11-21 21, 2014

nice i like this very much. Easy to merge the pdf….

Lori Kassuba

2, 2014-10-24 24, 2014

Hi jo,

Yes, Adobe Reader is compatible with the Mac and you can also use the cloud services on a Mac.



3, 2014-10-21 21, 2014

is this compatible on a mac?

Lori Kassuba

5, 2014-08-22 22, 2014

Hi Frits van der Veer,

You’ll need either Acrobat Std or Pro. (not the free Reader) to combine files without subscribing to a service.


Frits van der Veer

3, 2014-08-20 20, 2014

Uploading documents which might be confidential does not sound like a good ID (and is prohibited by my company). I had in the past a version which could combine 2 files without uploading and downloading sensitive information. Is Version 10.1 still able to do the trick (i now use 11.0). If not which version will do this.
(BTW this is standard available on a Mac in the app preview)


11, 2014-07-31 31, 2014

Thanks for the share!

Lori Kassuba

6, 2014-04-01 01, 2014

Hi Joe DeSutter,

If you create a button and use the Go to View or Open Page command, the links will remain relative so long as you don’t change the folder structure. Just try it on a test folder and move it to a completely different location. The links in the subfolder called Chapter still link back to the Menu document in the directory above.


Joe DeSutter

9, 2014-03-30 30, 2014

I have 200 PDFs linked together in 2 folders on a CD for distribution. Nine files are in a “Chapters” folder; the rest are in a “Background Notes” folder. “Menu” is only document NOT in one of the 2 folders. It opens automatically upon insertion of the CD and accesses Chapters—which access Backup files—many of which are also linked to each other. My problem: I don’t know how to create a “back to menu” link for each Chapter. I can do it on my own computer with E:\Menu (E being my CD/DVD drive). But how do I create a “Return…” link that works on other computers, most of which use D: for their CD/DVD drive. Is there a generic protocol that will open it that link on ANY computer? (I do not want to disaggregate the files from their current folders unless I have to) Thanks, Joe D

Comments for this tutorial are now closed.