How to create a custom page size using Acrobat XI

Learn how to create PDF files, including creating a custom page size.

By Donna Baker – February 21, 2014


In this infographic, learn how to In this infographic, learn how to create PDF files, including creating a custom page size. Several custom pages sizes ship with Acrobat Pro but not Acrobat Standard.

How to create a custom page size using Acrobat XI
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How to create a custom page size using Acrobat XI

Donna Baker – February 21, 2014

  1. On Windows, from an open Acrobat document click the Print button on the toolbar.
  2. In the Print dialog, choose Adobe PDF from the printer drop-down then select Properties.
  3. In the Adobe PDF Settings tab, click Add next to the Adobe PDF Page Size dropdown.
  4. Specify the name*, width, height, and unit of measurement.
  5. Choose the new settings from the Page Size dropdown.
  6. On Mac, in an authoring application such as Adobe InDesign, choose File > Document Setup.
  7. In the Page Size drop-down, select Custom.
  8. In the Custom Page Size dialog, specify the name*, height, and width. The unit of measurement depends on the current preference settings. Click Add then click OK.
  9. In the Page Size dropdown, select the new page size.

*Specify a unique name that is not currently defined on the system such as “A4 Custom Page Size” instead of just “A4”.

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Lori Kassuba

3, 2016-01-29 29, 2016

Hi sally,

You’ll need to set this property in Windows under the Printer Properties.



8, 2016-01-27 27, 2016

i want adobe to remember that i am using arch d (24x36) not letter (8.5x11) for every print ever. i seem to have to change it in the page set up menu every time i go to print…

Lori Kassuba

4, 2015-04-17 17, 2015

Hi Colin,

Let us know if this technical note helps address the problem:


Colin Bond

12, 2015-04-16 16, 2015

How can I save the paper size which is SCANNED?

The ‘Custom Scan” option doesn’t appear to save this setting between sessions and my Brother MFC7340 scans to Letter size on next use.

Lori Kassuba

4, 2015-03-06 06, 2015

Hi robert ott,

You should be using an imposition type software, or the original design software to do this type of page scaling.


robert ott

2, 2015-03-03 03, 2015

Using the latest Acrobat Pro I have tried countless strategies to get a custom page size output of 8.75 x 17.37 for an 8.5x8.5 cover with full bleed. Nothing seems to work (I have been a computer tech for many years and know my way around, including work-arounds). ALWAYS getting and 8.5x11 and am EXTREMELY disappointed with Acro Pro if this is the way it works. I REALLY NEED HELP!!

Lori Kassuba

9, 2015-03-02 02, 2015

Hi Angelika Weger,

What software are you creating the file from?


Angelika Weger

2, 2015-03-02 02, 2015

Want to print out a pdf/x-1a custom size 8.13 x 10.25 inch for bleed. Changed in adobe settings the adobe pdf page size to 8.13 x 10.25, renamed and saved the setting, but all pdf output were 8.5 x 11 inch! Tried it several times always the same result, did not work out at all!!!!! Need help how to proceed!!!

Lori Kassuba

7, 2014-11-14 14, 2014

Hi Roy,

You’ll need Acrobat and not just the free Reader to do this. To do this in Acrobat just open the Pages panel under the Tools pane and choose Rotate. Then, save the file.



5, 2014-11-13 13, 2014

How can i permanently set the orientation.
I hate having to rotate after its been pdf’d.

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