How to distribute fillable PDF forms using Acrobat XI

Learn how to send a fillable PDF form or distribute a fillable PDF form to others using Acrobat XI.

By September 23, 2012


How to distribute fillable PDF forms using Acrobat XI
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How to distribute fillable PDF forms using Acrobat XI

Donna BakerSeptember 23, 2012

  1. Open your prepared PDF form.
  2. Open the Forms panel in the Tools pane and click Distribute.
  3. Click Email and then click Continue.
  4. Click Send using Adobe Acrobat and click Next.
  5. Add e-mail addresses, review the default Subject and Message and then click Send.
  6. Pick an e-mail option, either Default e-mail or a Webmail client. Click Continue to send your form on its way!

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Lori Kassuba

2, 2014-03-12 12, 2014

Hi Sharon Pelletier,

When you select the Distribute command and choose the Email option, you’ll have the opportunity to “Send using Adobe Acrobat” OR “Save a local copy and manually send it later”. Choose the local copy option and then attach the form (which will be named filename_distributed.pdf) to your email message. This way you can use the bcc option in your email program to send the form anonymously.


Sharon Pelletier

12, 2014-03-08 08, 2014

I need to follow the instructions just the opposite to what is stated. I need to distribute a form to over 100 people that I do not want to show or identify their email addresses so they are labeled undefined. I need to have the form “attach” to the email with a note that states, “please return this completed form to Suzie Q @ Not to me. I’m going to try this, but right now the form is not allowing me to save a copy; only to print it out. How do I have it saved with a new name and returned to Suzie Q????

Comments for this tutorial are now closed.