How to embed fonts in a PDF using Acrobat X or XI

Learn how to edit PDF by embedding fonts in an existing PDF using Acrobat X Pro or Suite or Acrobat XI Pro.

By Lori Kassuba – April 19, 2012


In this tutorial, learn how to edit PDF by embedding fonts in an existing PDF using Acrobat X Pro or Suite or Acrobat XI Pro.

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Emmanuela Michalopoulou

12, 2014-08-02 02, 2014

Thank you very much!

Patty Friesen

4, 2014-02-10 10, 2014

Hi Barb,

The video played fine for me on Mac Firefox. Keep in mind that there is no audio with this video, as indicated in the lower right hand corner of the opening screen. If you are continuing to have problems opening the video, please let me know what browser and OS you’re using and I can have our web developer check it out.




2, 2014-02-07 07, 2014

Not helfpul at all as there is no video to watch.

Lori Kassuba

7, 2013-09-27 27, 2013

Hi Tom - thanks for the update and glad to hear everything is working.



9, 2013-09-24 24, 2013

Lori, Thanks for your reply. I went back into the file after I got your reply and lo and behold the fonts now seem to be working and are showing as embedded in Properties>Fonts tab. Not sure why it is suddenly working, but perhaps it was just a matter of closing the file and opening it again (which I had not tried yesterday)! Thanks for your help.
Cheers, Tom

Lori Kassuba

4, 2013-09-24 24, 2013

Hi Tom,

If you go to the File > Properties > Font tab, does it list the fonts as all being embedded?



3, 2013-09-24 24, 2013

Hello Tom,
I’ve had this issue.  you need to use Preflight and dial down to examine the fonts…. My guess will be that you will find that some in there are listed as identity-h… If the parts where dots occur are the same areas listed as identity-h, then the fonts aren’t properly embedded. Adobe technical support told me that the origin of the problem in my case was that I hadn’t used the Print > Save as pdf path to create the .pdf’s but a third party >Export as pdf in Open Office, which didn’t correctly set up the font embedding…  You can re-create your pdfs, then in Acrobat > Select All and use Replace Pages in the original pdf to get round the issue.


4, 2013-09-24 24, 2013


Thanks for your video tutorial. I ran through all these steps and I got a green tick to say that my fonts were embedded, but when I now try to edit the text that is in that font the characters I type just appear as dots. I have spent 3 hours trying to find an answer to this on the web but it seems no one has ever had this problem before - I cant find anything that addresses it. I really hope you can help. Thanks in advance.

Lori Kassuba

2, 2013-07-05 05, 2013

Hi Christopher,

In the Preflight tool, there is a profile called “Put text objects on Text layer” that might help you isolate the fonts.



10, 2013-06-28 28, 2013

I tried this but it didn’t work. Dialling down into the Overview, some of the fonts there are identity-h, and when I try and extract the file I get lots of gobbledegook interspersed with the text. I’ve tried using the snap views to get to where the problems are but it is very tricky to change the fonts. Even when they have been corrected, they throw the same error. Also the errors are not searchable i.e the text that the snap view shows me will not be found in the search tool, I have to locate it manually.  Is there a way of isolating the identity-h portions and changing them?

Lori Kassuba

5, 2013-05-21 21, 2013

Hi Danielle,

You might want to double check that your fonts allow embedding. Also, make sure the your file isn’t set to a standard that disallows this—take a peek in the Standards panel.



5, 2013-05-17 17, 2013

I am doing this but get an error - “an unexpected error has occurred during the Fixup process”.  I created this doc on this machine so I know I have all fonts.  Any help? :(


7, 2013-05-09 09, 2013

WOW.. Thank you so much.


9, 2012-11-19 19, 2012

I am scanning a very clear typed document, which I know is only one type font, and its variants of bold and italic. If I scan the document in searchable mode, many fonts - as many as 20 - (as numbers) show up as embedded. If I scan the document in clear scan mode, the number of fonts embedded comes up as 4 kinds. I am getting this ready for digital printing, and I don’t want the type font to change! Is it okay to use clear scan so the type will come out right (does that make the file too big or something?)

Hi Donna,

When you choose ClearScan your scanned text is actually converted to custom fonts, which can be updated and modified. For the best quality, I would select this option.


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