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How to prepare a PDF file for mobile use using Acrobat X

Learn how to create mobile PDF, including how to improve the display of your PDF files on mobile devices.

By Donna Baker – April 13, 2012


In this tutorial, learn how to create mobile PDF using Acrobat X Pro or Suite. Get tips to improve the display of your PDF files on mobile devices, how to change page layout to a single column, how to add tags to provide structure, how to optimize the PDF file for quicker use and more.

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How to prepare a PDF file for mobile use using Acrobat X

Donna Baker – April 13, 2012

How do I prepare a PDF file for mobile use?

Your file needs to be easy to read, easy to use, and easy to find. These frames represent screen sizes used by different devices. If you can’t create content for multiple screens, use these tips to improve display of your PDF files.

This page has multiple sections and columns. You see a small portion of the page on a small screen like a smartphone. If you zoom in close or view on a small screen, how do know where you are on a page? Change the page layout to a single column so the page reads top to bottom. On this page, you have to scroll horizontally and may hit navigation page buttons instead. Use a 4:3 page size to cut down page scrolling.

Now let’s look at some document features:

  • Add tags to provide structure for the file’s elements. Click the Tags tab and you see this file is untagged. Click Accessibility to open the tool set, then click Add Tags to Document. Acrobat X processes the file, and lists the results in the Recognition Report tab. In the Tags pane, click to open the list, then click to open the nested tags. The components of the PDF file are tagged in a nested hierarchy.
  • Optimize the PDF file for quicker use. Create new PDF files using Web/online settings for efficiency. To optimize existing PDF files, click File > Save As > Optimized PDF to open the PDF Optimizer window. Click the Settings drop-down arrow, and click Mobile. Notice how the default image resolution drops. Click OK, and save the file.
  • To open the Document Properties dialog box, press CTRL + D (Windows) or COMMAND + D (Mac) and look for the file’s size here.
  • Add metadata to make it easier for search engines to find your document. Click OK, save your document, and it’s ready to share!

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Lori Kassuba

2, 2013-04-15 15, 2013

Hi ouiko,

We’ve removed the music from this video and lengthened the frames to help improve the tutorial. Thanks for letting us know.



5, 2013-04-07 07, 2013

Totally useless. Too fast, Not enough direction. Really disappointing.


8, 2012-05-26 26, 2012

Any chance a transcript of the video will be available?

Hi Deborah,

Yes, you can view the transcript. Just click the button underneath the Play Video button.



11, 2012-05-24 24, 2012

Cute little entertainment video - music that is. Absolutely worthless for a tutorial. You just have time for a brief glance at the screen not knowing what to look for that is educational. A good speed reader with a photographic memory might be able to recall the screen and figure out what is being presented. The best response I have for you is… Wha…....!

Hi Ken,
Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback. We’ve received other feedback regarding the video speed and have sent that feedback along to the author. Look for slower videos in the future!


Patty Friesen

3, 2012-05-24 24, 2012

Hi Harish, Csongor, Bkang, Ted, Harish, Shirley, Lisa and Liz:

Thanks for your feedback. It’s very helpful. I’ve asked our webmaster to look into the problems with the video and we should have it fixed shortly. Please check back later today or tomorrow.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.



11, 2012-05-23 23, 2012

The speed is a little fast and the file a little small and hard to see and the instruction boxes too light in color.  Instead of the annoying music, why not add audio instruction?


4, 2012-05-23 23, 2012

I also got a blank screen. This is disappointing.


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I am on a Mac OSX 10.7.2 and the video didn’t work for me either.


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video not streaming very well. Unable to get the file to completely download so it play‘s back continuously. Difficult to watch when it is starting and stopping. My bandwidth is not low playback issue is not on my end.


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The play video is not working for me, Win 7, 64 bit, IE9.


7, 2012-05-08 08, 2012


I use Win 7 64 bit PC , Mozilla Firefox browser. None of the these videos seem to open. I tried in IE 8, i was lucky once but again the
same . Clicking on these videos, I was not able to open these videos.

Any special setting required ???


Csongor Szkalak

5, 2012-04-16 16, 2012

I have an account created. Trying to play a tutorial video. All I get is a black, blank screen.  Pls help.


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