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How to send large files using Reader

Learn how to send big files or send large files using the free Reader.

By Donna Baker – August 25, 2014


In this infographic, learn how to send large files or send big files using Reader. This feature requires a subscription to Adobe Send and Track.

How to send large files using Reader
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How to send large files using Reader

Donna Baker – August 25, 2014

  1. In Adobe Reader XI, click the Tools pane and select the blue Sign In link.
  2. Sign in to using your Adobe ID.
  3. In the Send Files panel, click +Add File to locate and select files.*
  4. In the To field, type email addresses for your recipients.
  5. Click Create Link.
  6. When the Adobe Send dialog opens, review the link and default Subject and Message content, and make adjustments as required.
  7. Click Add Your Logo to customize the recipient’s view.
  8. Click Send.
  9. Click Close in the Files Shared dialog.

*Requires subscription to Adobe Send.

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Lori Kassuba

1, 2015-04-28 28, 2015

Hi Yury,

Generally the limit is 2GB but the service may be able to handle larger size files.



12, 2015-04-25 25, 2015


Gina Hale

5, 2014-10-30 30, 2014

Is there a way to group pages such as creating an attachment and move or review the documents going from attachment to attachment versus page to page, where each attachment may be several pages long?  Thank you.

Comments for this tutorial are now closed.