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How to track your review in Acrobat X

Learn how to use the Review Panel in Acrobat X to track your shared reviews.

By Janet Frick – October 18, 2010


In this tutorial, learn how to use the Review Panel in Acrobat X to track your shared reviews.

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How to track your review in Acrobat X

Janet Frick – October 18, 2010

In this video we will cover the Tracker's role in Commenting and Review workflows.

The Tracker watches PDF files you send through a Shared or Email Review and distributed forms.

Whether you send or receive the review file, the Tracker follows the PDF file's progress.I will choose the Comments panel to find the new location of the Tracker.The Shared Review or distributed forms are sent by an Adobe Acrobat user who initiates the process.

Acrobat X allows you initiate, track, and manage a Shared Review but only Acrobat X Pro users can enable those with the free Adobe Reader to participate and add comments in a Shared Review.The Tracker is the tool that maintains the editing trail of reviewers and comments, plus time and location of each.The left panel of Tracker shows the shared reviews or forms the Tracker has managed as well as Server Status and RSS feeds or Really Simple Syndication format.The Sent button means you are the initiator or the person who started the review workflow.

Joined shows your involvement in a review someone else started.

Notice the PDF file gets an underscore_review added to the name as it enters the shared review process.Clicking the PDF icon shows the detail of each review such as deadlines, notes and reviewers.

The blue links let you adjust settings or travel back to the PDF file.

I'll press Track Reviews to get the Tracker.

File location shows the new PDF file's home on the computer, and the Active status means the review is in progress.

If a PDF file uses the cloud web server such as, the review copy is stored with the comments.As I select MtgMinutes_ review, the details also appear in the right panel.

Server status watches the servers used for reviews and notifies you of warnings such as disconnected servers.

Since this review used, I can set security for who can read the file.

As the initiator, I can change the deadline or end the review.

If a deadline for a shared review has passed, then participants will no longer be able to add comments.

To continue the review, the initiator can change the deadline.

I'll click Add Reviewers - if I forget a reviewer, I can email them later.I will cancel this for now.In the Reviewers section, I can continue emailing to my reviewers with updates and add to my group.

The comments are recorded and you can follow the progress of this review.Since the setup is already finished, I can easily restart another review from the Tracker.

I'm going to press Start New Review With Same Reviewers...I can press Browse or choose my file I already have open - as I press Next the wizard walks me through the steps to make sure I'm using the correct steps.I can choose the new menu to send my review by a saved preset name and proceed with the steps reviously selected.

I'll press Next.Notice the Tracker remembers the people I invited, or I can make adjustments here.

At this point I'll press Cancel.

I can also adjust my system preferences from the Edit menu, and this determines when Acrobat is going to check for messages.

The Server Profile names can be managed from the Tracker Preferences as well.I have access to the Tracker from my system tray.

This shortcut icon is another easy way to access my tracked reviews.

I'll press OK and click on Track Reviews.The Tracker is located in the Comments panel and tracks comments, sent responses, and distributed forms.

It manages the reviewers, comments and deadlines.

The initiator who sends the reviews can make changes, send reminders and delete and end reviews.Use the Tracker in Acrobat X to make sharing your documents or keeping up with your RSS news feed faster and more efficient.

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