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Modifying a PDF Portfolio navigator using Acrobat 9

Learn how to dissect a PDF Portfolio navigator file and how to replace elements of a custom portfolio using Acrobat 9.

By October 29, 2009


In this tutorial, learn how to dissect a PDF Portfolio navigator file and replace elements of a custom portfolio.

Sample AUC PDF file with custom navigator applied:
Download sample PDF

Assets available for download:
Download ZIP of AUC Custom Navigator (.nav)
Download ZIP of Photoshop art templates (490 Kb)
Download ZIP of Navigator Asset files

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Acrobat 9

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Combine Files

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1, 2015-04-14 14, 2015

Hi Chris—

I’m trying to create a custom portfolio for my company and we have old software and this is what I’m trying to do. However, the .nav file will not download properly on either my work computer or my home computer. I’ve tried it on both PC and Mac. I also tried different browsers. Can you re-upload the file? I think it may be corrupted.

Thank you!

Chris Converse

10, 2013-04-17 17, 2013

hi marc,
no that is not possible.  the navigator system is a one-level hierarchy.


4, 2013-04-16 16, 2013

Hi I modified the size of the background image and now the thumbnail slider is not centered I have tried modifying it, but it still doesn’t work. Can you please help me?

thank you

Chris Converse

3, 2013-02-01 01, 2013

i’m sorry.  the navigator simply lets you preview all the files embedded in the pdf package… there is not a way to deep link into a specific embedded files pages.

if you have indesign, you can create an interactive pdf, with some navigation consistency, but again, this is still confined into the single pdf file.


5, 2013-01-18 18, 2013

Hi, I just have brief question? 1st I want to explain my file set up… I have 3 catalogue and each has a working interactive table of content. I made a portfolio to combine the 3 catalogue… Is it possible to have a navigation bar/table of content that when I click, it will direct me to the exact page of the catalogue.

Thank you, I hope you could have a work around in this one:)

Comments for this tutorial are now closed.