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OCR and scanning to PDF using Acrobat X

Learn how to OCR software or convert PDF to text and how to scan to PDF.

By June 30, 2011


In this on-demand seminar, learn how to OCR software or convert PDF to text and how to scan to PDF. Acrobat experts discuss the nature of OCR (or Optical Character Recognition) and scanning to PDF settings in Acrobat X. You'll see how to scan to PDF to create robust and flexible PDF files from paper documents, as well as how to use the OCR technology in Acrobat X to make the text of a static PDF file searchable and reusable.

This video includes: Ian Campbell's discussion of taking your correspondence totally paperless by scanning to PDF; David Mankin's walk-through of how to use OCR in Acrobat X; an interview with Ali Hanyaloglu about OCR basics; and Dave Merchant provides the latest news on scanning to PDF.

Products covered:

Acrobat X

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Scan and Optimize

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Patty Friesen

3, 2012-09-23 23, 2012

Hi Pheeson,

This is an on-demand seminar that looks into the nature of OCR and scanning. You may want to try one of the related videos listed above in the right side bar.

Hope this helps.


Pheeson Liaw

4, 2012-09-22 22, 2012

This tutorial is very time consuming.  I do not care to find out about the history of when Acrobat added the OCR feature.  Let’s get to the point!!!

Comments for this tutorial are now closed.