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Scripting PDF: Inside the Acrobat JavaScript SDK using Acrobat 9

Learn what you can do with JavaScript in Acrobat 9 and what you can't do.

By Thom Parker – October 25, 2009


In this presentation from MAX 2009, Thom Parker, president of WindJack Solutions, talks about scripting in Acrobat and PDF. In this developer's introduction into the the Acrobat and PDF scripting environment, Thom demonstrates what you can do with Acrobat JavaScript in Acrobat 9 and what you can't do.

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Terry Corbet

12, 2015-02-10 10, 2015

As old as this tutorial is, for a newcomer wanting to get up to speed on using Javascript inside a pdf document, it is very useful. 
the usefulness, however, is entirely dependent upon having access to the pdf document that the speaker was using for his presentation.  If you made the document available, a conscientious person could use it and the tutorial to get a lot of answers to a log of questions that are otherwise never getting to you, or are getting to you and wasting your time.

May we please have the tutorial materials?  The speaker makes a living supporting your technology, but he says that he is prohibited from making his copy of the document available!!!


11, 2014-07-22 22, 2014

Me neither. Any solution on the way?

Patty Friesen

5, 2013-05-15 15, 2013

Hi Don,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve asked our webmaster to take a look at the issue. Please check back in a few days and try again.


Don Stuber

9, 2013-05-14 14, 2013

Sorry, I couldn’t get the presentation to play.  Might the link be broken?

Comments for this tutorial are now closed.