Send a PDF for shared review using Acrobat XI

Learn how to do a shared PDF review using Acrobat Acrobat XI.

By Adobe – December 18, 2014


In this tutorial, learn how to quickly gain the feedback you need through easy-to-manage shared PDF reviews that allow participants to build on each others' comments. Easily add reviewers, send updates or reminders, and consolidate comments into one PDF file.


Send a PDF file for shared review.

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Products covered:

Acrobat XI

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Review and Comment

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Lori Kassuba

2, 2015-01-12 12, 2015

Hi Ahmed Naufal,

You’ll need to know JavaScript to create a custom report. Here is a link to a tutorial on the subject:


Ahmed Naufal

6, 2015-01-06 06, 2015

Hi Expert,

Is it possible to change fields of “Comments summary sheet”. I want to add a column “title” (author’s title).

Thnaks in advance

Ahmed Naufal

Comments for this tutorial are now closed.