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Keep tools “sticky” using Acrobat 8 and 9

Learn how to keep the highlight comment tool sticky in Acrobat 8 and 9.

By December 19, 2008


If you use the highlight comment tool frequently, you can keep this tool "sticky" while in use. Just open the Properties Bar from the toolbar well (or press Control+E on Windows) and then after you select the Highlight tool, you’ll have the option “Keep tool selected”.

Figure 01

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Acrobat 9

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Lori Kassuba

10, 2014-12-02 02, 2014

Hi Stephen,

Sorry to hear about your frustrations. Try selecting the sticky note tool and Ctrl + Click to reveal the command to keep the tool selected.


Stephen Strum

6, 2014-11-26 26, 2014

Just “upgraded” to Acrobat Pro XI on iMac and so much work to learn where new tools are and new icons.  It’s a real pain in the butt.  I cannot find any place where I can keep the tool selected as in Acrobat 9 Pro.  I am an Acrobat Pro user since the very early days and after just purchasing Acrobat Pro XI today I may be seeking out a new application to replace Adobe.  I am NOT a happy camper insofar as Adobe’s support and its upgrades which are eating up way too much of my time.  Listen to the customer for a change.

Lori Kassuba

6, 2013-11-25 25, 2013

Hi test,

In later versions of Acrobat (X and XI), just select the highlight tool command, right-click and choose “Keep Tool Selected”.



4, 2013-11-21 21, 2013

This didn’t work for me. That option isn’t there.

Comments for this tutorial are now closed.