Working with tables: PDF forms using Acrobat 9 and LiveCycle Designer

By Kurt Foss – February 24, 2009


Released in February 2009, "PDF Forms Using Acrobat and LiveCycle Designer Bible" by Ted Padova and Angie Okamoto is a bona fide bible for anyone working with PDF-based forms. The 1000-pages-plus book encompasses both forms authored with Adobe Acrobat (Windows and Macintosh) or with Adobe LiveCycle Designer (Windows only), split almost evenly between the two approaches to creating and enhancing forms.

With permission from Wiley Publishing, Inc., from whom the book can be purchased online, we are making available for download two sample chapters that represent the type of content presented by the co-authors, both highly regarded for their Acrobat and Designer expertise.

Both chapters are titled "Working with Tables" -- Chapter 8 talks exclusively about creating and editing tables in Acrobat, while Chapter 27 deals only with LiveCycle Designer.

chapter 8

Chapter 8

Working with Tables
from the Acrobat Forms section

Download [PDF, 5.7MB]

Chapter 27

Working with Tables
from the LiveCycle Designer section

Download [PDF, 7.3MB]

While LiveCycle Designer is a Windows-only program, the book also includes one chapter on how to install and run it on an Intel-based Macintosh computer. The book also ships with a CD-ROM containing numerous sample files that correspond with many of the chapter-related exercises.

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